As a Battery Manufacturing Company, ABM’s primary focus is to deliver customer centric services. Furthermore, the Company places emphasis on personal integrity, teamwork and mutual support, employee development and involvement, and being a responsible corporate entity. ABM strives towards excellence spurned by adherence to processes and stringent quality measures.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world renowned organization driven by innovation and dynamism. We strive to be committed to maintaining uncompromised product quality whilst also conserving the environment.

Our Mission

To deliver superior, measurable values to all stakeholders and to contribute to the community by building a highly successful business based on a customer centric approach.

Where we are today

Today Associated Battery Manufacturers (Ceylon) Limited operates with a production capacity of 50,000 pieces per month.

The National Quality accolades secured by ABM over the years are a testament to the company’s mission to constantly offer innovative solutions towards improving the standards of the Lead Acid battery.

Business Strategy

The Battery Division is a strategic business unit in the Browns group of companies, operating in the market for over 8 decades. A market leader in the automotive segment, the Company is supported by a network of over 500 outlets island-wide. Looking ahead, ABM will explore and invest in diversifying its products and service offerings, through its existing dealer channels. As a strategic measure Browns Fully Loaded Exide will also offer combined value-added solutions of products and services.

The Company’s focus on commendable after sales service, its international approach to manufacturing and excellent standards benchmarked by achieving medium scale-manufacturing category awards at the National Quality Awards Ceremony, positions ABM as a luminary in its industry.

improving the standards of the Lead Acid battery.

Business around the world

Since its inception in the year 1960, Associated Battery Manufacturers (Ceylon) Limited has emerged as a blue chip Company in Sri Lanka. Owing to its commitment to excellent quality and its wide array of options that allow for customized product procurement, ABM penetrated the foreign market in the year 2003, by dispatching its first battery consignment to India.

Since then, coupled with its ability to compete with the latest developments in battery technology and its investment in state-of-the-art machinery, ABM expanded its trading boundaries to reach Dubai, Singapore, Maldives and Myanmar. It is noteworthy that ABM has already entered the highly potential Myanmar market and has begun business with Singapore too. Dubai is another potential market and the Company has already sent its first consignment here.

Hailed as the battery leader in the local market, ABM continues in track, thanks to its modernized manufacturing processes, constant innovations that ensure the production of premium quality batteries, and commitment to work ethics such as timely deliveries and offering best rates possible.



The founding of Associated Battery Manufacturers (Ceylon) Limited


The introduction of Polypropylene batteries to the market


The first dispatch of battery consignment to India


The divestment of the ownership in favor of EIL – India


The launching of Maintenance Free Batteries


The launching of a new range of Maintenance Free Batteries and Marine Batteries


Introduction of 12 MC Batteries


Spearheaded by a board of dedicated individuals and a team of meticulously trained innovators and technicians, ABM is committed to delivering customer-centric solutions by designing, manufacturing and marketing products, and providing services that consistently fulfill their needs and expectations. The Company pays attention to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System that meets current international standards, and complies with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. ABM strives towards excellence by determining risks and opportunities related to external and internal issues through setting relevant quality objectives and targets, and through their periodic evaluation.

Backed by its avant-garde technology, an excellent team of skilled technicians, cutting edge cognition, and stringent quality standards, ABM emerges as a leader in the industry of battery manufacturing.

Mr. Arun Mittal


Mr. A. K. Mukherjee


Mr. A. Saha


Mr. I. C. Nanayakkara


Mr. M. Ramachandran

Director / CEO

Mr. T. Sanakan


Mr. M.S. Gunawardena


Energy Policy

As an energy intense manufacturer of Lead Acid Batteries, ABM Ceylon Ltd strives to reduce its energy consumption and costs, and strives to promote long term environmental and economic sustainability in the processes of its operations.

ABM is committed to:

Reducing 15% from the current specific energy usage (Kwh/Battery) by the end of 2015/2016 financial year

Ensuring continual improvement in its energy performance

Deploying information and resources to achieve its energy objectives and targets

Upholding legal and other requirements regarding energy

Considering energy performance improvements in the design and modification of its facilities, equipment, systems, and processes.

Effectively procuring and utilizing energy efficient products and services