The Company was incorporated as Associated Battery Manufacturers (Ceylon) Limited on 6th May 1960 under the Companies Ordinance, No. 51 of 1938 as a Limited Company by Brown & Company Limited in technical collaboration with British Batteries who were the largest manufacturers of Batteries in the world at that time.

The Company manufactures the widest range of Lead Acid Batteries from 25Ah to 200Ah capacity under the brand names Exide, Lucas, and Dagenite. In addition to the Automotive Lead Acid Batteries produced by the company, it also produces Deep cycle Batteries for Solar and Trolller boat applications.

As far as the technical know-how is concerned, Company gets technical assistance from Exide Industries Limited in India who is the largest automotive battery manufacturers in South-East Asia.

Over the years Company has emerged as a blue chip Company in Sri Lanka due to the high quality products manufactured by the Company.  To keep pace with the latest development in Battery technology, the Company has acquired state of the art machinery.

In 2003, ABM penetrated the foreign market by sending its first battery consignment to India.

In 2004, ABM divested its ownership in favour of Exide Industries Limited – India.

In 2007, ABM upgraded its product range by launching its first Maintenance Free Battery to the market.

Since its inception in 1960, ABM has been able to stay in the local market  as the market leader in spite of the tremendous competition that it face from the imported Batteries.  This is due to the fact that it produces high quality tropicalized Batteries which suit our climatic conditions & rugged roads.

The Company has grown steadily and modernized its manufacturing processes  and constant innovations have helped the company to produce a high quality battery.